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DILWORTH offers a heritage of first-class construction values in distinctive residences, commercial builds, and land development. Serving East Alabama and its surrounding areas since 1999, founder Michael Dilworth is applauded for the company's eloquent and comprehensive project organization, commitment to craft, exceptional client service, and expert and creative design capability.


DILWORTH is committed to the highest quality process and result, and the team upholds this standard in all they do.

DILWORTH strives to create innovative and timeless homes to be admired for generations.

Dilworth Development Auburn AL custom home and commercial builder
Dilworth Development Auburn AL custom home and commercial builder
Dilworth Development Auburn AL custom home and commercial builder
Michael Dilworth Dilworth Development Auburn AL custom home and commercial builder

“At DILWORTH we are committed to excellence in all we do.” 

- Michael Dilworth

Michael Dilworth’s concept is one of deep integrity, nurtured relationships, and a passion for building and skill. Evident not only in the impressive physical structures themselves but among the testimonies of the many who have worked in partnership over the last 24 years.


Growing up around Mountain Brook, Alabama’s stunning Southern architecture served as an inspiration, though Michael didn't realize then that building would one day become a career.

Michael followed his high school sweetheart and now wife of 16 years, Brooke, to attend Auburn University in 1998. While pursuing a degree in building science, Michael realized his calling for residential construction at age 19 after he built his first home to sell the summer before his sophomore year at Auburn University. His reputation as a talented and accomplished young builder grew from there, as he constructed and sold two custom homes before earning his building science degree.


After 20 years of building custom homes and developments, Michael added residential production homes and commercial properties to the DILWORTH portfolio. Following the sale of the neighborhood production division in 2021, there was a refocus and a pathway for Michael to return to his first love, Custom Home Building and his commitment to the Customer Experience of Excellence. 






We recognize our primary asset is our employees. We recruit and hire the best talent in the industry. Through education, encouragement, and guidance, we will provide the necessary tools for everyone in our company to reach their full potential and beyond. As a team, we work together with our clients to form a partnership that provides the foundation for success.



In today’s world of social networking, online shopping, and products designed for planned obsolescence, companies have become complacent. They no longer focus on the customer experience and have made customer satisfaction a mere survey statistic. At Dilworth, we don’t solely strive for satisfied customers, but we seek to offer a product that will satisfy and exceed their needs.



At Dilworth, we value quality, honesty, and hard work. Our commitment to those values is unsurpassed in the industry, meaning we take pride in creating a reliable product for our clients every time. Our team is supremely dedicated to our work, and we are associated with the highest standards of service, unwavering integrity, and personal attention to our customer’s expectations and needs.



The Dilworth team has the unique ability to listen and understand their cus­tomer’s needs and desires. Each home is designed to fit our buyers’ personality and lifestyle. Dilworth is based on a foundation of trust, within the company, and with our customers. We are committed to staying at the cutting edge of design while offering a product that will remain timeless.


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